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NYC Hospital: Northside Hospital atlantic to close due to shortage of nurses

The New York City Hospital Center atlantans hospital, which serves patients in the Brooklyn-Battery Park area, will close its doors, according to a statement from the hospital.The hospital is the only one of the city’s six hospitals that serves the northside.The closure comes at a time when the city has faced an acute shortage of […]

How to save money at Riverside Hospital

Riverside Hospital has been given a clean bill of health following a series of high-profile incidents in recent months, including the murder of a staff member.The Irish Times has been told that the facility has been “reopened to all staff” after it was closed following the death of a senior hospital worker last month.Riverside Hospital […]

How to access information at Saint Mary’s hospital in northwestern Michigan

Hacker News reader comments 1:07:18This hospital is located on the north side of the county.It is located at Banfield Hospital and Medical Center in western Michigan.The hospital is just about 10 miles south of the city of Detroit.It serves a population of about 4,500.The location is convenient for patients, family members and other visitors to […]

How to help families affected by the deadly explosion at the Strong Memorial Hospital

We’ve been through a lot in our lifetime, and it has been hard.I was fortunate to grow up in a family of doctors.I have had to make some difficult decisions that many people would not make.But it was important to me to know that my son’s life was on the line, that he had a […]

Why you shouldn’t let your cat get the flu vaccine

You’ve heard it a million times: the flu shot is an absolute must for those who can’t work, or are unable to work, but you probably haven’t thought about it.Now you do.And the news is not good.The flu shot will be available in the United States on November 8th, which is the flu season’s first […]

New coronavirus cases soar in California, hospital warns

More than 40,000 new cases of coronaviruses have been reported across the United States, raising questions about how to prevent the spread of the virus, according to a hospital in Los Angeles.More than 400 people have died from the coronaviral outbreak, and more than 100,000 people have recovered from the disease.A report from the California […]

How Swedish hospital saved the lives of thousands of Swedish patients

Sweden is home to the world’s largest hospital network, with more than 30,000 hospitals serving about 10 million patients.But for a while, the system was underperforming, with Sweden’s public hospital system losing ground to the private sector and to private insurance companies, as more people sought treatment outside of hospital.But as Sweden’s economy grew and […]

St. Clare hospital is being bought by private investors

St Clare Hospital is being sold by private buyers, the St Clare Regional Council has announced.The council has announced it is “considering a sale” of the regional health system.It said in a statement that the hospital’s $1.9 billion assets will be sold in the next three to five years.The hospital is one of the largest […]