5-year-old girl dies from COVID-19 at Catholic Charities hospital in New York

A 5-month-old child who died in a Bronx Catholic hospital after contracting the coronavirus has been identified as a victim of a COVID outbreak, a hospital said Wednesday.

The girl was found at a Presbyterian Hospital on Tuesday night after doctors noticed she had severe breathing problems and was suffering from a COV-19 infection, said Dr. Christopher W. Czarniak, the hospital’s medical director.

The child was treated and released by Friday afternoon, he said.

The cause of death is under investigation, he added.

The Presbyterian Hospital said it had been working with the New York State Department of Health on a comprehensive review of its COVID response.

The hospital’s director of public affairs, Stephanie D. Smith, confirmed to CBS New York that the child was found in the intensive care unit, and that the girl’s parents are not working.