A child’s life saved by a newborn who died in hospital

Newborns are the first victims of a fatal infection caused by the coronavirus, a major outbreak that has killed nearly 2,000 people.

The hospital where the baby died is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the child’s mother is in hospital in New York.

“We do not know the age of the child, we do not have any other information,” the hospital said in a statement.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the child and his family.”

Lutheran Hospital in New Jersey, where the child was treated, said the child died from the virus and that his condition was stable.

The baby was found with severe respiratory problems in a room with other patients on Tuesday morning, according to the hospital.

“This is a devastating situation for all of us,” said the hospital’s CEO, Michael Sperling.

“It is one that we will not recover from.

This is a life-changing situation for the family.”

The infant was transferred to a hospital in a different state, but it is unclear whether the child will be able to recover.

The outbreak has also spread to the Philippines, where hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and have not been able to treat enough patients.

The Philippines has recorded a record number of new cases.

“It’s very challenging, and we’re doing everything we can,” said Dr. Edson Diaz, chief of the department of infectious diseases at Manila General Hospital.

“I’m just amazed we’ve been able do this.

The hospital is so small and so poorly equipped.”

The virus has killed more than 2,100 people in the Philippines and has left thousands of others in critical condition.

In New York, New York Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Cohen told CNN the virus has devastated hospitals in the New York metropolitan area.

“I am appalled that the number of New York City hospitals that have been in quarantine for weeks has risen to over 200,” Cohen said.

“We are now in a position where the virus is spreading so quickly and rapidly across the city.”

“There is a tremendous amount of capacity at the city hospitals.

It’s just not being utilized.”

In Philadelphia, the city has been forced to declare a state of emergency because of the outbreak.

More than 1,100 cases of coronaviruses have been reported across the United States.

The New York state department of health said it is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to expand a 24-hour hotline to assist in coordinating the spread of the virus.

In Washington state, a number of states have announced their own emergency declarations.

Officials are urging people in states that have declared a state emergency to stay away from hospitals and to seek medical care if they have symptoms of the coronabirus.