An emergency animal emergency hospital in California is opening its doors to rescue dogs and cats from the streets

A rescue animal hospital in Los Angeles is about to open its doors.

Liberty Hospital announced Tuesday that it is planning to open an emergency animal rescue facility to treat pets in need.

Liberty opened its doors on Wednesday, March 17, and it will offer free surgery for dogs and cat owners who are in need of a new owner.

The organization has had its share of problems in recent years.

Last year, Liberty lost two employees to a drug overdose, and in February, a woman was killed by her pet at the facility.

The facility, which was opened by a nonprofit organization called Humane Society International, will be able to take in any number of animals including dogs and kittens.

In addition, animals can be put up for adoption through the nonprofit.

Liberty has a long history of caring for pets, and the charity has previously operated a pet adoption program in New York City, New York.

The facility will provide a home to all of the animals in need, and all animals will be vaccinated for the HSEI vaccine.

The news comes as President Donald Trump continues to push for a new federal animal welfare law.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that “all of the laws in the United States must be made to protect animals, but we must stop the spread of the virus to other countries.”