How to get better at the intersection of tech and health

A new app for health care professionals can help them identify their patients’ risk factors and help them make better decisions about care, a team of researchers said on Monday.The app, called T2R, allows healthcare professionals to track the status of their patients, identify potential barriers to care, and share their data to help others […]

Children injured in explosion at Christ hospital

An explosion at the Christ hospital has injured at least three children and injured a fifth, the hospital said Thursday.The explosion occurred on the second floor of the hospital at around 2 p.m.ET, according to hospital spokesperson Julie Legrand.One child is in critical condition, while another was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Legrand said.An […]

How did you end up in a coma? Loyola’s ‘heart of the university’ hospital is a spoiler for everyone

Loyopa University Medical Center is the heart of Loyopac College, a historically black institution in Los Angeles.Its primary medical unit is a five-storey building that dates back to 1871, which sits on the top floor of a former hotel, and houses a three-storeys roof garden.The building was used by the US Department of the Army […]

Why the world is still waiting for an Ebola hospital

The world is just waiting for a Ebola hospital to be built.The United Nations announced that the world’s first Ebola hospital in northern Ghana is about to be opened in a town in northern Nigeria.The news comes as the world waits for a second Ebola hospital, the one in the northern Nigerian city of Manaus, […]

New ‘Love’ hospital gown is the brainchild of a woman who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty

In this photo taken June 2, 2017, a nurse helps a patient at the Los Angeles County Health and Human Services (LACHS) hospital in Los Angeles.The LACHS said Wednesday it is making a pilot program to offer hospital gowns to homeless people.(AP Photo/Matt Rourke) less In this photos taken June 1, 2017 at the LACH […]

How to pay for your children’s medical bills

What is a primary children’s hospitals indemnity?St Jude Hospital is a Primary Children’s Hospital located in Sydney’s west, NSW, which is the only primary childrens hospital in the country.The hospital has been in existence for over 80 years and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading primary healthcare institutions.According to the Department of Health, it […]

When a hospital in Dallas’s Glens Falls hospital gets hit by the flu, they need to keep the lights on

DALLAS (Reuters) – When a Dallas hospital gets a hit from the flu this summer, they have to keep lights on and keep the doctors and nurses at work to make sure everyone stays safe.The hospital in Glens Fall, a small community about 50 miles north of Dallas, received a scare from the H1N1 virus […]