Which of the world’s leading physicists will be the first to die at the age of 80?

In this article from The Independent, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and physicist Stephen Hawking’s widow Dame Margaret are among the leading names to die aged 80, as their health deteriorates.They have been fighting for years to be included on a list of the best living physicists.“My wife has been a long-standing campaigner for a 100-year longevity […]

Why did Baylor Hospital open its doors to Ebola patients?

Flushing, New York (CNN) – The Baylor University Medical Center in Houston is opening its doors this week to the public.The hospital’s president said Tuesday that a handful of patients are being monitored.He said about 70 patients will be admitted to the facility in the coming days and weeks.“We are going to have to determine […]

How to Get Better Sleep and Avoid Heart Attacks

How to sleep better, avoid heart attacks, and avoid depression? According to the American Heart Association, about one in five Americans are currently experiencing heart attacks. “If you are one of the 1 in 5 Americans that are experiencing heart attack, then it’s important that you take steps to prevent and treat heart disease,” says Dr. Susanne […]

How to avoid becoming a victim of a sexual assault: Here’s how to help others

How to help yourself if someone sexually assaulted you.Here’s how you can help someone else if someone has been assaulted.Here are a few tips to help prevent sexual assault.Here is the guide to preventing sexual assault in the Clovis Community Hospital.Clovis hospital staff said the hospital does not know the identity of the attacker, but […]

How to tell whether a hospital is really a children’s health care facility

By Elizabeth Moseley, Business Insider A lot of hospitals are great for children and families, but they also often need to be monitored.To help make sure your child’s hospital stays safe, we’re giving you a quick guide to what to look for and how to stay safe.Read more: What you need to know about child […]