Dogs attack man after he gives them dog treats

Dogs have attacked a man after they were given him dog treats, and the man says the dog should not have been allowed in his home.

The incident happened at the Elk Grove Apartments on the morning of Saturday, June 2, and a security guard who lives nearby was called to investigate.

The guard was shocked to find the man inside with the dogs and was shocked when the dogs started to attack the man’s pet Labrador Retriever, which he named Taz.

Taz was not attacked by the dogs, and neither was Taz’s owner, according to the New York Post.

A security guard said he went outside to check on Taz and the dog.

When he saw Taz, the guard was startled to find it inside his home with dogs.

The guard told ABC News the dogs had attacked Taz for giving them dog treat.

He said he was shocked and had to leave his home to check Taz out.

The security guard’s wife was also shocked to see the dogs in her home with Taz in it.

Truckee County Animal Control Officer Aaron Williams said he is investigating the attack, and has asked for the dog to be euthanized.

He told ABC affiliate KQED that it’s a case that he has seen before, but has never seen a dog attacked with a gun.

He said the dogs will be put down if the owner is willing to take them to the shelter.