When Doctors Turn To The Web For Help: A New York Hospital Is Getting More Online Than It Was A Decade Ago

After Hurricane Andrew hit, many doctors were unable to get their patients to their appointments, so they turned to the internet.But as the days passed, the demand for online consultations grew exponentially, and the hospitals were forced to turn to other forms of technology to fill the gap.Hospitals now rely on remote access to the […]

What is a banner hospital?

Houston hospitals have become a magnet for patients looking for urgent care and care at home, a trend that’s made them an increasingly popular location for hospital visitors.But even as the city’s hospitals have grown in size and popularity, they’re also becoming less accessible, particularly to low-income patients.And a new report finds the city is […]

‘No, I don’t have to stay at my friend’s place’: An ‘all-inclusive’ family of four gets to live out their dream

The dream of a ‘grandparent’s’ house is over.A ‘grandmother’s’ home is about to be torn down.An ‘old couple’s’ family has been turned into a ‘small, tight family’.For the family of three who moved into their home at a property at the edge of a park, the thought of being stuck in a shared house was […]

Hospital says it’s ‘a total disaster’ after a patient’s heart stopped working

DALLAS — Hospitals across the country are reporting that they’re overwhelmed with patients who’ve had their heart stopped.DALLAS HOSPITAL NEWS CENTRE/HUB ST.BERNARD: The emergency room at the Dallas hospital is closed.The emergency department at St. Barnabas Hospital is closed as well.The cardiac unit at the DALLES HOSPITALS HOSPICE is closed for the day.The Dallas emergency […]

Hospital in western Colorado closes after 10 days without patients

A hospital in northern Colorado has closed for more than 10 days after 10 of its patients were taken ill.The Colorado Springs Regional Medical Center said it was closed on Thursday after receiving three patients with pneumonia.The hospital said they had been in the ICU for several days and were under observation.The hospital said it […]

Medical charity warns of ‘mass exodus’ in UK children’s hospitals after £1bn cuts

Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres has warned that thousands of children are expected to be “mass evacuated” from UK hospitals as the Government’s cuts threaten to take a “massive toll” on care in hospitals.The charity, which has campaigned for years to protect children from the “chronic underfunding of healthcare services” in England, said the “fatal […]

What’s going on at the Montefiores?

Lenox Hill Hospital is struggling to keep up with demand for its emergency room and is understaffed, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Boston Globe.The hospital has a backlog of over 1,300 beds and has about 1,000 people at its peak capacity, according to the Globe.Hospital officials are also struggling to maintain […]