Florida hospital system plans to spend $1.8 billion on technology in 2020

An important piece of Florida’s $1 trillion healthcare system is on the way.

Florida Hospital System said Monday that it’s planning to spend more than $1 billion in the next decade to build the first-ever hospital on a virtual reality platform.

The state already has a virtual environment at its Tallahassee-area hospital, where patients can interact with nurses, doctors and medical staff on a desktop or mobile device.

The new hospital, called the Virtual Health Institute, will allow for patients to walk through virtual rooms and take control of an avatar in order to see more patients.

The virtual hospital will offer patients access to more than 20,000 virtual treatments, such as surgical procedures, cardiac surgeries, cancer care and a variety of other care, the hospital said in a press release.

The hospital plans to use the technology to deliver virtual therapy sessions to patients who are experiencing an emergency or are in need of an emergency room visit.

The system is also looking at ways to allow patients to customize their care using a virtual virtual interface.