• Ganesh Aarthi Medical Research Foundation
Patient Services
We are a renowned multi speciality hospital in Thanjavur, known for our excellent Patient Services. All the patients who visit our hospital get back with permanent relief irrespective of the ailment. We treat our patients without patient as well as Patients with complicated diseases are admitted to our hospital for diagnosis and treatment of ailment. All the rooms for patients are well equipped with state-of-the-art medical support facilities. A medical attendant or nurse is always present with the patient.
Baby Radiant Warmer
In our hospital, we have provisions for Baby Radiant Warmer. This machine is basically used for new born babies to provide heat to the body. When a new born baby is placed in this machine, the body temperature of the baby is maintained and thereby limiting the metabolism rate. Radiant Warmer machine is used where babies are born in cold climate to ensure that baby is maintained at optimum body temperature.
24-hour Pharmacy
At Ganesh Aarthi Medical Research Foundation Hospital, we provide round-the-clock pharmacy facilities to our patients. Our 24 hour pharmacy is stocked with all the requisite medicines, equipments and medical products. We have appointed well qualified chemists and customer friendly staff in the pharmacy. The entire staff is always available to provide all the necessary information. All the ordered medicines are delivered within shortest time period. Medicines are available at the best prices at our 24 hours pharmacy.
Adult ventilator and Pediatrics infant application
Our hospital is best known for offering ventilator services to the patients in need. We have special ventilators for Adults as well as ventilators for Infants who have problem in breathing. Our ventilation systems are quite advanced in their mechanism and prove to be life support system for critical patients in our hospital. Ours is a well maintained hospital with Adult ventilator services and pediatric infant ventilators. We offer our excellent healthcare services at a very affordable price to our patients.
Intensive Care unit
We have an advanced and state-of-the-art Intensive care unit for our patients. ICU is a special ward that admits patients with life threatening, frequently complex medical and surgical illness. Our doctors are specialist in examining the patients admitted in ICU. Our advanced ICU is equipped with highly advanced equipments to provide sophisticated patient care. Our ICU is designed keeping in mind the patient comfort, infection control, and ease of providing critical care, nursing care and the functional requirements of unit.