How Brooklyn hospital in Brooklyn is saving lives in a city with 1.3 million uninsured

The Brooklyn General Hospital is helping a community in Brooklyn become more self-sufficient.

A few blocks away from the hospital, the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office has installed solar panels on several of the hospital’s floors.

And the hospital has set up a mobile office to connect with the community.

For its newest project, the hospital is turning some of its floors into solar-powered power plants, a move that would save more than $150,000 a year, according to a statement from the mayor’s office.

The hospital has been trying to figure out how to help people with chronic health issues, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, with its community health initiatives since 2010.

Now the hospital wants to tap into that energy to create jobs and bring new businesses to the borough.

The hospital is also looking into developing solar panels that could help reduce the amount of energy needed to run the hospital.

The solar panels will be installed in a small portion of the building.

The project will begin in October and will be completed by spring 2019, according the mayor.

This isn’t the first time the hospital will have to find innovative ways to meet its energy needs.

Back in 2014, the city awarded the hospital $100,000 to find a way to turn the hospital into a solar power plant.

At the time, the solar panels were not yet installed, but they could be built by 2020.

This time around, the mayor said that the hospital was able to secure funding from the city’s renewable energy department to complete the project.

The city also awarded the Brooklyn Hospital $20,000 for the pilot project.