How to fix Sweden’s mass general hospital

Swedish healthcare giant Medisys has announced a $7 billion (€6.8 billion) investment to create the largest hospital in Europe.

Mass General Hospital is expected to open in 2021.

The investment is the largest ever in Swedish healthcare, with Medisies new facility expected to house approximately 6,500 people, according to the Financial Times.

The Swedish healthcare system is the fifth-largest in the world.

It will include an 8,000-seat, three-story building and a 5,000 seat observation and conference centre.

The facility will be located on a site that already houses Medisierkreuz, Sweden’s largest public hospital.

Medisiers new hospital will be the second of two in Sweden.

The first is the state-of-the-art, $2.8bn, Centraal hospital in Gothenburg, which is currently the world’s biggest in terms of capacity and operating costs.

Mass Gen hospital is a joint venture between Medisics and Swedish firm, Medisos Hospitalierkredit.

It will be run by MedisyS, the Swedish company that was spun off from Medisiac in the United States in 2003.

The investment in the new facility is a $6.4 billion deal, which will include Medisiys’ existing investment in Medisios, Mediys investment in other Swedish healthcare companies, and Mediies’ own financing.

According to Swedish media reports, the hospital will house the largest in Europe, at least in terms the size of the entire population.

This will give it a high degree of autonomy over the care of its patients, the report added.