How to get a shot of Holy Cross Hospital’s $2 million in emergency funds

A group of religious leaders are asking President Donald Trump to stop using emergency funds to help pay for Holy Cross University Hospital.

The group of pastors, pastors, rabbis, and ministers from around the country signed a letter Wednesday to the president, urging him to stop making emergency payments to Holy Cross and instead allocate money to other hospitals.

“As the president has repeatedly demonstrated, he is a hypocrite when it comes to his own donors and his faith,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the executive director of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Cincinnati.

“If we are truly concerned about the wellbeing of the American people, then we need to take immediate action to help alleviate the burden on our health system.”

Cooper said the letter is in response to the Trump administration’s $1.7 billion in emergency funding request for the hospital, which is located in the heart of Cincinnati’s downtown.

The president has asked Congress to approve the emergency funds in the budget for 2018.

But that would require a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate.

Cooper and other leaders of the religious leaders’ letter said the president is making the situation worse by taking money away from other hospitals and instead directing it to Holy, which would have to close.

Coordinated efforts by local leaders, including the Greater Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP, to address the crisis have been “totally ignored,” Cooper said.

Cohen, a member of the Conservative Rabbinical Association of Greater Ohio, also said the church would be calling for the White House to release the Whitehouse budget.

The White House has not responded to Cooper’s letter.

Copper said the religious groups have called for the president to release his budget.

Covenant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints president and CEO Rev. Dan O’Connor said the Trump White House is ignoring the needs of the country.

“It is outrageous to suggest that we should be paying for something that is not needed,” O’Connor said.

“That’s not how America works.”

The presidents administration is still in the process of revising the budget proposal and a spokesman for the Office of Management and Budget did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati is the largest single donor to Holy-Cross University Hospital, which opened in 2007.

The Archdiocesan Hospital has received $5 million in state funding, including $1 million in Medicaid and $1,200 in federal funds.

The other two hospitals in Cincinnati are located in Cincinnati and Columbus.