How to get vaccinated after a coronavirus outbreak

The virus that causes coronaviruses has been found in dogs and cats at some hospitals in the UK, according to the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Agency (VMA).

The virus was found in 11 animals and is believed to have been imported from China.

The animals were tested at one of the country’s most popular veterinary hospitals, Concord Hospital in Liverpool.

The laboratory tests were carried out on seven cats, including a four-year-old, which had been housed in a dog crate, according the VMA.

The tests showed that the virus was present in all but one of those tests.

A further eight animals had a negative test, which was then sent to a veterinary laboratory in London.

The UK has seen more than 5,000 coronaviral cases, the highest number in Europe.

The virus is highly contagious and can cause severe illness and death.

The VMA said it is taking a “careful and holistic approach” to detecting and controlling the coronavivirus.

It said the virus had been contained and that “all the necessary measures have been put in place to prevent further spread”.

The coronavid is one of two coronavirothoses that have been found at Concord.

It was first found in November and has since spread to more than 1,000 dogs and other animals, according.

The two outbreaks have caused widespread damage to the country and cost an estimated £4.6 billion.

The second, in Britain, was linked to the coronasal disease coronavariolosis, which is spread through direct contact with infected skin and can be spread through droplets of contaminated water.