How to help protect your family’s privacy during a coronavirus coronaviral pandemic

The coronaviruses that are threatening Australia’s lives are changing their form to evade the country’s own coronavirence surveillance system.

The National Health Protection and Promotion Authority (NHPA) has launched a coronivirus campaign to promote the idea of the National Health Service (NHS) as the place where people can access medical care.

The campaign is being conducted by a company called Healthwise, which has received the approval of the NHPA.

“It’s really important that we continue to build a network of healthcare professionals and support agencies to ensure the protection of our health and the safety of our families and our communities,” said Healthwise CEO Ian Gwynne.

NHPA Director of Communications, Sarah Hoey, told ABC Radio Melbourne that the company’s campaign will include “information on the NHPS coronaviolirus vaccination schedule”.

“The NHPS is designed to ensure that patients with a high-risk condition are not put at risk by exposure to these viruses,” she said.

Hoey said the campaign will be run in partnership with the NHPC, which oversees the health services of all states and territories in Australia.

“The goal is to get as many people as possible vaccinated and get as much information about what the NHP is doing as possible,” she explained.

Healthwise is also seeking to raise awareness of the coronavid vaccine by partnering with local community groups to spread the word.

“It is a really great way to raise the awareness of people around the state of Victoria, and there are many different health centres across Victoria who are working on that, as well as the community,” she told ABC News.

“We’re trying to reach as many as we can.”

The NHPA says its campaign aims to raise more than $20 million to build the new National Health Services.