How to pay for your children’s medical bills

What is a primary children’s hospitals indemnity?

St Jude Hospital is a Primary Children’s Hospital located in Sydney’s west, NSW, which is the only primary childrens hospital in the country.

The hospital has been in existence for over 80 years and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading primary healthcare institutions.

According to the Department of Health, it was established in 1883 as the first hospital in Australia and is the second oldest primary healthcare institution in the world.

It’s an independent hospital and was initially built as a single unit for a single family.

At present, St Jude is Australia’s only primary care hospital and one of the only two in the state of New South Wales.

However, the hospital is now run as a partnership between the state government and the Department for Health, which provides financial support to the hospital through its own indemnity program.

St John’s Hospital, a secondary children’s centre in Sydney, is another primary children care facility and is a part of the St John’s Foundation.

Its primary purpose is to care for children and families and provide quality services to those who need them.

How do I pay for my children’s care?

Primary children’s centres in Australia are usually funded through the St Judes indemnity scheme, which also applies to all the other primary children´s hospitals.

If your child’s care is paid for through an indemnity plan, you can choose to pay more towards your medical bills through the plan.

For example, if you’re a father, you could pay more for your child care than the other family members in the family.

But, if your child is not receiving any financial support from you, then the St Johns family will be responsible for all your child´s medical expenses.

You can check out your childrens medical bills online, which can be found at St Joses website.

Why is St Jukes indemnity so important?

In order to help keep St Jukeans primary healthcare facilities running, the Department provides the St Jude indemnity programme.

As well as providing financial support, the StJude indemnity fund also provides a way for children to get support for medical costs.

In addition, the indemnity is used to cover the cost of emergency and in-patient treatment and rehabilitation services for children.

This helps ensure that children who are injured while in care or hospital are provided with the best possible care and are cared for properly.

Children in a hospital stay in Australia can also benefit from the St Louis Trust, which operates in Queensland, New South from September 1.

Who are the other Queensland primary children`s hospitals?

While St Jodes primary care is located in Queensland’s Gold Coast region, St Jude is a subsidiary of St Louis, which was founded in the UK.

Since the 1990s, St Louis has provided primary healthcare services to more than 600,000 children across Queensland and New South Queensland.

What is the St Joseph Hospital indemnity deal?

The St Joseph Trust, an independent charity, provides financial assistance to the St Augustine’s Hospital in Brisbane, the Brisbane Childrens Hospital, and St Joseph’s Regional Hospital.

Through this arrangement, St Joseph will provide a small percentage of their profits to St Josephs Hospital and the St Marys Regional Hospital in the Gold Coast Region.

These funds are used to pay bills and cover expenses related to care and support for children in the community.

Although the St Joe indemnity agreement does not apply to St Augustines Hospital in Queensland or St Mary’s Regional Health in Queensland and is not an insurance policy, the agreement has allowed St Joseph to continue operating the St George Hospital in Sydney. 

Where can I find more information about primary children hospitals?

The Department of Primary Industries provides more information on primary children health care and can be contacted at 1300 968 557.

Source:St Judes Hospital