How to save the world from the plague

A lot of people have forgotten that the pandemic has ended in a bit of a victory for India.

The country is no longer on the brink of another major pandemic, but its healthcare system is already in dire need of some serious attention.

The government has made some significant strides in healthcare, but more work remains.

The government has put in place an ambitious healthcare plan to make it a world leader in healthcare in a country where a whopping 97% of the population is over 65.

It is aiming to achieve the goal of doubling the number of hospitals to 1,000 by 2020.

This means a total of 1,200 hospitals will have to be built to cater for every single patient.

The government is also planning to increase healthcare expenditure by 5% to help the health system cope with the rising number of people.

However, this will not be enough.

The health system is in dire straits and needs to be rebuilt.

While the government has announced plans to invest $100 billion for healthcare in 2020, the budget does not reflect the full extent of the healthcare needs of the country.

The Health and Family Welfare Minister Shripad Das said that Rs 5,000 crore has been allotted to the plan, but only Rs 2,500 crore was put in the budget for the hospitals to be constructed.

He also said that the government was planning to invest more in the care of the poor.

The healthcare minister is trying to increase the healthcare budget to Rs 20,000 per capita by 2020 to provide healthcare to all people.

He is hoping to achieve a target of providing free healthcare to at least 1.3 billion people by 2020 by building hospitals and instituting a new system for health care.

But as the country continues to fall into a chronic crisis, the health minister is struggling to come up with any additional money for the healthcare sector.

If he can’t find any new money for healthcare, the government will have no choice but to continue with the current plan and implement the existing plans of the previous government.

The budget for healthcare is just the beginning of the challenges facing the health sector in India.

A study conducted by IAMAI shows that India’s healthcare expenditure is still more than three times that of China.

The report states that India spends more than double the amount of its gross domestic product on healthcare than the United States, which has over 1,500 million people.

This is not surprising considering the country’s large number of rural populations.

India also has a large number in urban areas where healthcare is often not accessible.

The United States spends almost three times as much on healthcare per capita as India, but spends about $20,000 more per person than India does.

India spends less than $100,000 on healthcare and $20 per capita more than the US does.

India’s healthcare system needs to get rebuilt, and it has a long way to go to make sure that happens.