More than 1,000 people injured in Seattle wildfires

Nearly 1,500 people have been confirmed dead as a result of wildfires raging across the U.S. in Washington, Oregon and California.

In Washington state, the death toll is up to more than 4,000, while more than 2,600 have been reported in Oregon and more than 7,000 have been injured in California, according to the Washington Department of Health.

There were also reports of injuries and fatalities in other parts of the country, including California and Texas, officials said.

Firefighters in Oregon have reported more than 9,000 acres burned, but the total number of homes is much smaller, and there are still no confirmed deaths.

The number of confirmed fatalities has been significantly down from the first day of the wildfires in early October, when there were more than 20,000 homes destroyed in the firestorm.

Fire officials are still investigating whether there were any more people killed or injured.

The National Weather Service issued a “high” fire danger warning for parts of California, including Santa Cruz County and parts of Santa Barbara County.

The fire has destroyed more than 6,000 structures.

In addition to the fire damage, the National Weather Commission issued a warning of possible tornado activity, which could bring strong winds and gusty gusts.

It said this was the third consecutive tornado outbreak this year.

The forecast also called for heavy rain in the Central Valley, which has been the scene of a massive wildfire this winter.

The fire season in the state has been a major concern for California Gov.

Jerry Brown.

He announced that the state will be closing all schools on Friday, which he said was to give firefighters time to deal with the damage.