New York’s first Ebola case in hospital

New York City’s first case of the Ebola virus has been confirmed in a New York hospital, officials said.

The New York County Health Department confirmed the case on Thursday and said the patient was “under medical observation.”

The patient was initially identified by his hospital’s internal investigation, the department said.

Officials said the hospital is in the process of testing the patient’s health.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the hospital patient on Thursday morning, saying it was the first Ebola patient to be confirmed at a New Yorker hospital.

The mayor said it was a “major victory” for New Yorkers and the world.

“We’re grateful that this case has been isolated and isolated well,” de Blasio said.

“We know it’s a very important part of our community.”

The hospital said in a statement that the patient is “under active observation” and has been placed in isolation, adding: “We will continue to monitor this patient closely.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the city is working with other cities to help fight the virus.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he is “proud” of New York, which has been working with New Jersey and other states to help contain the spread of the virus and that the city and state have done “a fantastic job.”

“We are very proud of the work that our states have been doing in response to the crisis, but we are going to keep fighting,” Christie said on ABC News.

President Donald Trump tweeted that New York was “the toughest place in the world to be infected” and urged New Yorkers to go to the hospital, saying that the state had been “working very hard” to contain the virus at a time of record numbers of cases.

A tweet from Trump’s account read: “NYC is the toughest place to be in the WORLD to be sick.

New York is working very hard to contain, isolate and save lives.

Stay safe New Yorkers.”

The New Orleans hospital was the largest in New York state when it opened on Wednesday and has since expanded.

The hospital said it will be testing patients in isolation as the state’s coronavirus response continues.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said in an interview with the Albuquerque Journal that she’s “happy to say that we have confirmed that we will be treating patients.”

Martinez said she expects New Mexico will continue testing patients as the response continues, adding that the hospital will also be sending out letters to residents warning them to stay home from Friday and Monday.

“New Mexico is very good at handling the virus,” Martinez said.

She added that she is also happy to say the hospital has taken care of patients from the New York area.

“It was a great hospital, and we did everything we could to take care of them.

And they did,” Martinez told the newspaper.