NYC Hospital: Northside Hospital atlantic to close due to shortage of nurses

The New York City Hospital Center atlantans hospital, which serves patients in the Brooklyn-Battery Park area, will close its doors, according to a statement from the hospital.

The hospital is the only one of the city’s six hospitals that serves the northside.

The closure comes at a time when the city has faced an acute shortage of health care workers.

On Wednesday, the hospital announced it was adding 700 new nurses to its workforce.

In response to a spike in hospital admissions in recent months, the city began increasing staffing levels for the health system.

However, the nurses’ workloads have been rising at a rate that the hospital believes is unsustainable.

“The city has been working diligently to address this crisis,” the hospital said in a statement.

“Our current staffing levels will not allow us to meet the demand for care at this hospital.”

The hospital has been a leader in the medical field in recent years, having been a founding member of the American Medical Association and has been recognized as one of only two hospitals in the country to have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

However since its founding, the center has struggled to meet its high demand.

The facility has struggled with rising rates of infections and mortality and has experienced numerous closures.

As of October 1, the health center reported that more than 1,600 patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment in the last three weeks.

According to the New York Times, the state of New York has also reported a 26% increase in the number of infections at the hospital during that time.