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Why are hospitals failing to keep patients safe?

The National Health and Medical Research Council is expected to release its annual report on the state of health in Australia next week.The report is expected show that in 2016 there were about 30,000 hospital admissions due to influenza, about half of them due to the coronavirus.The other half were due to other causes such […]

When you put your hand on a sick animal’s neck, you may not be able to do much about it

A little hand-holding may help an animal who has lost its right arm, or if it’s been bitten by a dangerous dog.But it may not make the animal whole.A new study published in Nature Neuroscience suggests that touching a sickly animal’s face may cause the animal to deteriorate and die.“Our results suggest that, while a […]

How the US-India gas dispute is helping fuel a new nuclear power debate

A new study by a US think tank has concluded that the US has “a unique opportunity” to develop a new generation of nuclear power plants as it transitions away from fossil fuels.The study by the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) found that the country’s nuclear fuel cycle “is unique” to the US, […]

Dogs attack man after he gives them dog treats

Dogs have attacked a man after they were given him dog treats, and the man says the dog should not have been allowed in his home.The incident happened at the Elk Grove Apartments on the morning of Saturday, June 2, and a security guard who lives nearby was called to investigate.The guard was shocked to […]

Vets: Newton Wellesley Hospital Rule Could Prevent Some Infections

By David Weigel, Bloomberg Staff”The rule would allow hospitals to keep their practices in line with federal guidelines on how to care for patients with chronic conditions,” the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said in a statement.“If a hospital or nursing home wants to comply with the rule, it would need to follow […]

Valleys Hospital to offer online services for people with autism

Valleys hospital is looking to help people with a range of conditions with its online services.Auckland’s St Mary’s Hospital and Auckland’s Christchurch University Hospital are among the hospitals using its technology to offer care to people with disabilities, including autism.The system, called a Connected-Care Hub, lets people with the disability connect with doctors, nurses, psychologists, […]

What is a banner hospital?

Houston hospitals have become a magnet for patients looking for urgent care and care at home, a trend that’s made them an increasingly popular location for hospital visitors.But even as the city’s hospitals have grown in size and popularity, they’re also becoming less accessible, particularly to low-income patients.And a new report finds the city is […]

‘No, I don’t have to stay at my friend’s place’: An ‘all-inclusive’ family of four gets to live out their dream

The dream of a ‘grandparent’s’ house is over.A ‘grandmother’s’ home is about to be torn down.An ‘old couple’s’ family has been turned into a ‘small, tight family’.For the family of three who moved into their home at a property at the edge of a park, the thought of being stuck in a shared house was […]