Started as a small hospital, today, we, Ganesh Aarthi Medical Research Foundation is one of the leading hospitals in Thanjavur. Our hospital was founded with a sole objective of serving humanity and mankind. We, at our hospital in Thanjavur offer a world class healthcare service to our patients. In whole city, ours is a multi-speciality hospital equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical techniques that make us a preferred health destination among patients. We have appointed an expert panel of doctors in our hospital. Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced in their respective field of medical science. All the professional doctors treating our patients work benevolently to ensure timely healing of patients irrespective of the ailment.
Our offered medical services include an intensive care unit for complicated cases and a pharmacy which is open 24 hours. Apart from this, we also have a Baby Radiant Warmer for new born babies and Adult ventilator with pediatric infant application. Facilities: We have incorporated all the advanced medical techniques and technologies in our hospital.
In order to ensure our patients with a permanent relief, we treat them with latest medical equipments and machineries. We work for the well being of our patients and thus a hygienic and clean surrounding is maintained at our premises. A high level of sterilization is practiced by our doctors to prevent the patients from infectious germs and bacteria.
Our hospital is a well-known hospital in Thanjavur city. We have provisions for accommodating a large number of patients to be attended by a relevant number of staff members. Our Doctors: Excellence in any treatment is brought by an expert doctor. In our hospital, we have appointed specialist doctors.

All the doctors are well versed with the advanced technologies in medical field. Our panel of doctors is committed to provide best medical care to all our patients.

We recruit our doctors based on their academic and experience in medical profession. Our doctors believe in permanent solution to an ailment of our patient and thus after evaluating the entire medical history of patient, they prescribe any medicine and treatment to them.