St. Clare hospital is being bought by private investors

St Clare Hospital is being sold by private buyers, the St Clare Regional Council has announced.

The council has announced it is “considering a sale” of the regional health system.

It said in a statement that the hospital’s $1.9 billion assets will be sold in the next three to five years.

The hospital is one of the largest in the region, with more than 100,000 beds and more than 400 operating rooms.

Its facilities include specialist surgery and trauma units.

St Clare Hospital’s operations have been linked to more than 60 deaths in Queensland and NSW, and a coronavirus pandemic.

The St Clare hospital’s closure will have an impact on the area’s hospitals, but will be outweighed by the closure of the Brisbane CBD.

The health system’s director general, Paul J. Bancroft, said it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to turn the lights back on” in the St. Clair region.

“The closure of St Clare’s hospitals will leave a deep impact on people in our community,” Mr Bancrot said in the statement.

“These are communities that have endured the loss of a great hospital, and will be affected by its closure for decades to come.”

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