STANFORD hospital to treat a patient with autism

The family of a man with autism is hoping for a miracle and a new diagnosis as they seek treatment at St. John the Baptist hospital.

The boy, who is from West Hartford, Connecticut, has had the condition for two years and was born with a genetic condition that causes autism.

The St. Johnsboro boy is in stable condition and has received the same type of therapy that other children with autism get, but his condition isn’t fully understood, the hospital said in a statement.

He is expected to be released from the hospital Wednesday.

His father, Mark, said the family is hopeful that St.

John will find a solution to their son’s condition.

“I don’t know if there’s a cure for autism, but there’s certainly a lot of good treatments that have been done for kids with autism,” Mark said.

“I don, I think, think they will find something to help this child and I’m hopeful.”

The boy has autism spectrum disorder, a developmental disorder that can be hard to diagnose and can range from mild to severe.

He has a learning disability, difficulty walking, poor social skills and repetitive behaviors, according to the hospital.

He also has behavioral and speech problems.

He needs to have the special health care of an attending physician at least once a week.

The hospital said it has been helping the boy in the past for about a year.

It said the boy was receiving a different kind of therapy and the family has not seen a response from the St. Joseph medical center.

It did not identify the child.

The family said they are hoping the hospital will get a referral for a different specialist to see the boy.

Mark said the hospital has given them an idea about who might be the right person to help their son, but that is up to the family.

“If the doctors, if they think that’s the right doctor, that’s what they want to do,” Mark told The Associated Press.

St. John spokeswoman Jennifer Williams said the medical center has not decided if the boy will receive the same treatment as other children, but it has a protocol for treating patients with autism and the boy has been doing well.