Swedish covenant hospital’s york-hospital merger deal worth $5.8 billion

Swedish Covenant Hospital’s merger deal with New York’s Union Hospital is worth $6.8bn.

Sweden’s Swedish Covenant, which is owned by the Swedish Government, will be merged with NewYork-based Union Hospital, which operates the York Hospital.

The deal is the largest of its kind in the US and one of the largest hospital mergers in history.

The combined entity will also become a part of the Swedish Covenant’s US operations.

The merged entity will be known as Union Hospital and will operate out of New York, with operations being based in the United States, according to a statement from Swedish Covenant.

Union Hospital was founded in 1887 and is one of only three hospitals in the world that was built in the same year.

It is owned and operated by a consortium of Swedish and US companies, including the Swedish Medical Group.

Swedish Covenant has a total assets of $4.2bn.