‘No, I don’t have to stay at my friend’s place’: An ‘all-inclusive’ family of four gets to live out their dream

The dream of a ‘grandparent’s’ house is over.A ‘grandmother’s’ home is about to be torn down.An ‘old couple’s’ family has been turned into a ‘small, tight family’.For the family of three who moved into their home at a property at the edge of a park, the thought of being stuck in a shared house was […]

Child dies from COVID-19 at Allegheny General Hospital

Child dies after contracting COVID in Allegheny Children’s Hospital article CHICAGO — A child died Monday from COV-19 in an Allegheny children’s hospital after the child was exposed to a live-antibody virus, the hospital said.The child died of asymptomatic COVID at the Allegheny Medical Center after he was admitted from the pediatric intensive care unit, […]