Which hospital is your favorite in the Denver metro area?

The Denver metro region has a long list of hospitals that are among the best in the nation, but the city’s oldest one, Englewood Hospital, could be a bit of a challenge to navigate if you’re a family or senior who’s in the area.While the hospital has been around since 1893, it closed in 2005 […]

‘He’s a good guy’ – US Army medic who saved wounded woman from Ebola has been discharged

BRIAN MAWR, a U.S. Army medic, who helped save a woman from the Ebola virus after a deadly epidemic in West Africa, has been officially discharged from the military after serving eight months.Mawr, who was discharged Monday, had been hospitalized with the virus for six weeks and was placed on leave after contracting the virus […]

How a hospital’s care can save lives: A new strategy

A new approach to the care of critically ill patients could provide a big boost to the hospital’s bottom line, according to a new study.A group of doctors and researchers says it could offer new hope to hospitals struggling to keep up with the growing number of patients suffering from infections and cancers, and to […]