How to Save $150,000 in Insurance Costs With a Little Help from Your Insurance Company

I used to work for an insurance company.The job was mostly a sales job.When the insurance company wanted to get rid of a bad policy, they didn’t just ask the customer if they wanted to pay for the loss.They asked them if they were willing to pay up to $150 a month for a policy […]

New York’s first Ebola case in hospital

New York City’s first case of the Ebola virus has been confirmed in a New York hospital, officials said.The New York County Health Department confirmed the case on Thursday and said the patient was “under medical observation.”The patient was initially identified by his hospital’s internal investigation, the department said.Officials said the hospital is in the […]

What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak at Cefazio Hospital in Washington

In Washington, some residents said they’ve been sicker and more dangerous because of the spread of the virus.One man said he saw his father’s face in the hospital room.He said he’s not sure why he hasn’t recovered from his illness.Others said they feel overwhelmed.Here’s a look at what you need know about coronaviruses in the […]