How to get an MRI at a Texas hospital

A Texas hospital that is the first in the country to require patients with a heart condition to undergo an MRI before they can receive their blood transfusions has been placed on an emergency list by the American Heart Association.The hospital’s emergency list is an official position of the American College of Cardiology, which has […]

When a hospital in Dallas’s Glens Falls hospital gets hit by the flu, they need to keep the lights on

DALLAS (Reuters) – When a Dallas hospital gets a hit from the flu this summer, they have to keep lights on and keep the doctors and nurses at work to make sure everyone stays safe.The hospital in Glens Fall, a small community about 50 miles north of Dallas, received a scare from the H1N1 virus […]

Why are the parents and kids at the hospital?

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, in Los Angeles County, is the largest child’s hospital in the country.It is one of four major child hospitals in the United States, and one of only three that serve the children of the elderly and disabled.But with the nation’s youngest population and growing number of children, there is a need […]

How to tell whether a hospital is really a children’s health care facility

By Elizabeth Moseley, Business Insider A lot of hospitals are great for children and families, but they also often need to be monitored.To help make sure your child’s hospital stays safe, we’re giving you a quick guide to what to look for and how to stay safe.Read more: What you need to know about child […]