How to help children with eye injuries in Mexico City

Mexico City — A hospital and a children’s hospital in Mexico are on lockdown following an attack that left one child with a life-threatening eye injury, the Mexican government said on Wednesday.The hospital, in a southern part of the capital, was also locked down.Two other children were injured by the car, the government said.“There were […]

Why do kids’ hospitals need to be ‘safe zones’?

A new report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) suggests that in some places, children’s hospitals are not adequately protected by health care workers and that they have not been adequately trained.In the US, in particular, there have been a number of high-profile cases of child abuse at children’s medical centers.The incidents have […]

How to deal with grief over a lost child

As the families of three Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan grapple with the grief of losing their loved ones, the coronavirus epidemic has turned the country into a playground for coronaviruses.As a result, it has made the country a battleground for the spread of deadly and often deadly coronaviral diseases, including Ebola, Zika and H1N1.A […]

Child dies from COVID-19 at Allegheny General Hospital

Child dies after contracting COVID in Allegheny Children’s Hospital article CHICAGO — A child died Monday from COV-19 in an Allegheny children’s hospital after the child was exposed to a live-antibody virus, the hospital said.The child died of asymptomatic COVID at the Allegheny Medical Center after he was admitted from the pediatric intensive care unit, […]