What is a banner hospital?

Houston hospitals have become a magnet for patients looking for urgent care and care at home, a trend that’s made them an increasingly popular location for hospital visitors.But even as the city’s hospitals have grown in size and popularity, they’re also becoming less accessible, particularly to low-income patients.And a new report finds the city is […]

How to avoid a trip to the ER

The most common way to get in trouble in Ireland is to get involved in a fight or to get injured.But what if you get involved and it’s not your fault?That’s what we’re here to explain.There are four categories of hospital emergency that are most likely to happen in the world, and it can take […]

Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirt at ‘black lives’ rally

WASHINGTON — Wearing a black “Black Lives” T-shirts to the annual Black Lives Matter rally is being praised by the nation’s top medical community for bringing awareness of the movement.On Sunday, doctors at the University of Washington Medical Center were among thousands of medical professionals who turned out to support the march to protest police […]