Why you shouldn’t let your cat get the flu vaccine

You’ve heard it a million times: the flu shot is an absolute must for those who can’t work, or are unable to work, but you probably haven’t thought about it.Now you do.And the news is not good.The flu shot will be available in the United States on November 8th, which is the flu season’s first […]

When you put your hand on a sick animal’s neck, you may not be able to do much about it

A little hand-holding may help an animal who has lost its right arm, or if it’s been bitten by a dangerous dog.But it may not make the animal whole.A new study published in Nature Neuroscience suggests that touching a sickly animal’s face may cause the animal to deteriorate and die.“Our results suggest that, while a […]

What to expect in the Valley Hospital emergency room

The Valley Hospital in Washington, DC, is home to the largest inpatient drug rehabilitation facility in the United States.It also has one of the highest mortality rates for patients with diabetes.On Monday, the hospital closed its doors to visitors after a nurse became the first to die of diabetes complications.Al Jazeera’s Andrew Burnes reports.