How to create a Bitcoin wallet in seconds

An easy way to get started with Bitcoin wallet creation is with the creation of a Bitcoin blockchain.That means that the Bitcoin network is an immutable record of every transaction that ever took place in the Bitcoin economy.With a blockchain, all of that information is stored in a way that anyone can verify and access, […]

Dogs attack man after he gives them dog treats

Dogs have attacked a man after they were given him dog treats, and the man says the dog should not have been allowed in his home.The incident happened at the Elk Grove Apartments on the morning of Saturday, June 2, and a security guard who lives nearby was called to investigate.The guard was shocked to […]

How to help children with eye injuries in Mexico City

Mexico City — A hospital and a children’s hospital in Mexico are on lockdown following an attack that left one child with a life-threatening eye injury, the Mexican government said on Wednesday.The hospital, in a southern part of the capital, was also locked down.Two other children were injured by the car, the government said.“There were […]