How to Save $150,000 in Insurance Costs With a Little Help from Your Insurance Company

I used to work for an insurance company.The job was mostly a sales job.When the insurance company wanted to get rid of a bad policy, they didn’t just ask the customer if they wanted to pay for the loss.They asked them if they were willing to pay up to $150 a month for a policy […]

Valleys Hospital to offer online services for people with autism

Valleys hospital is looking to help people with a range of conditions with its online services.Auckland’s St Mary’s Hospital and Auckland’s Christchurch University Hospital are among the hospitals using its technology to offer care to people with disabilities, including autism.The system, called a Connected-Care Hub, lets people with the disability connect with doctors, nurses, psychologists, […]

Hospital says ‘too many’ patients are not receiving proper care

Elmhurst Hospital is in the midst of a $20-million re-design, and the hospital says it’s seeing too many patients.In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Biel told The Gazette the hospital is trying to improve its patient-doctor relationships.“It’s not that we don’t care about the patient,” she said.“We just don’t […]

GOP lawmakers urge Obama to release photos of fallen soldiers

Republican members of the House and Senate on Monday urged President Barack Obama to reveal photos of the fallen soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling it an urgent matter.“The families of those fallen soldiers deserve the truth about what happened,” said Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).“The families deserve answers about what went wrong […]