Mass General Hospital recaps: Hospital says it will reopen on Thursday

A mass general hospital in Pennsylvania is closing due to severe flooding and a lack of supplies.Mercy Hospital said Thursday that it will open at 8 a.m.Friday, but the facility is expected to reopen at 6 a. m.Friday.The facility had been closed for about a week due to the floodwaters, according to the hospital’s website.Mercer […]

How to Save $150,000 in Insurance Costs With a Little Help from Your Insurance Company

I used to work for an insurance company.The job was mostly a sales job.When the insurance company wanted to get rid of a bad policy, they didn’t just ask the customer if they wanted to pay for the loss.They asked them if they were willing to pay up to $150 a month for a policy […]

Hoag Hospital in Philadelphia hospitalises two patients, one critically, another critically ill

A pediatric hospital in Philadelphia is under investigation for treating a patient who had multiple heart attacks and another who died of a heart attack, officials said.According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, two patients at Hoag-McNeil Children’s Hospital were transported there on Monday after being admitted on Friday, and one of them was taken to a […]

A child’s life saved by a newborn who died in hospital

Newborns are the first victims of a fatal infection caused by the coronavirus, a major outbreak that has killed nearly 2,000 people.The hospital where the baby died is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the child’s mother is in hospital in New York.“We do not know the age of the child, we do not have any other […]