Medical students struggle to get a proper diagnosis after fatal accident

A medical student at the University of Maryland has died after being struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Route 30 and Wabash Avenue in Washington, D.C.According to the medical examiner’s office, the student was driving on Route 30 when he lost control of his vehicle and struck a parked car.The medical student was […]

How to avoid a mental health crisis in your NYC neighborhood

New Yorkers will likely never forget the trauma that took place at Liberty Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn that was engulfed in a deadly fire in March.Now, the hospital has opened a new mental health center on the site, and the city is working to make it a beacon for the country.But the city’s […]

How to create a Bitcoin wallet in seconds

An easy way to get started with Bitcoin wallet creation is with the creation of a Bitcoin blockchain.That means that the Bitcoin network is an immutable record of every transaction that ever took place in the Bitcoin economy.With a blockchain, all of that information is stored in a way that anyone can verify and access, […]

An emergency animal emergency hospital in California is opening its doors to rescue dogs and cats from the streets

A rescue animal hospital in Los Angeles is about to open its doors.Liberty Hospital announced Tuesday that it is planning to open an emergency animal rescue facility to treat pets in need.Liberty opened its doors on Wednesday, March 17, and it will offer free surgery for dogs and cat owners who are in need of […]

Woodhull Hospital, Liberty Hospital, Jps Hospital to reopen on Thursday

AUGUSTA, Ga.— The Woodhulys Hospital, the Liberty Hospital and the Jps hospital will reopen Thursday after being shut down overnight for several days, Georgia Gov.Nathan Deal said.Deal announced the closures on Twitter, saying the closure was necessary to keep the emergency department and emergency department-affiliated medical units functioning.Deal said the closures were necessary to provide […]

How to help those battling Ebola in London

In London, there are few options to fight the deadly virus: you can get the help you need at home or in the community, but if you get sick, you can be treated in hospital or by a community nurse.This is how the government’s emergency response team works in London.How you can help In addition […]