How to survive an attack at the Boston hospital: A guide

As the marathon bombings near, there’s a new look at the worst attacks in Boston history.The Boston Globe reports the attack on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hospital was the deadliest on record, and was the first on a public hospital since the attack that killed 130 people on the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.More […]

FourFour Two: What the data says about the rise of the pandemic

FourFour2 has obtained a new set of numbers that indicate that while there were more than 10 million visits to the five hospitals in the Metro Atlanta area in September and October, those numbers were dwarfed by the many thousands of patients who received emergency room visits and dialysis.The numbers, released Wednesday by the Centers […]

How to help those battling Ebola in London

In London, there are few options to fight the deadly virus: you can get the help you need at home or in the community, but if you get sick, you can be treated in hospital or by a community nurse.This is how the government’s emergency response team works in London.How you can help In addition […]