How to get better at the intersection of tech and health

A new app for health care professionals can help them identify their patients’ risk factors and help them make better decisions about care, a team of researchers said on Monday.The app, called T2R, allows healthcare professionals to track the status of their patients, identify potential barriers to care, and share their data to help others […]

Who is in charge of the Trump hospital?

Here’s who’s in charge at Trump International Hotel & Tower in Dallas.The hotel has been in a state of disrepair since November of 2016 when Trump abruptly shut down his Dallas hotel and moved his family’s property to a larger hotel on the property.In January, Trump’s lawyer, Sheri Dillon, said she would be resigning from […]

What’s going on at the Montefiores?

Lenox Hill Hospital is struggling to keep up with demand for its emergency room and is understaffed, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Boston Globe.The hospital has a backlog of over 1,300 beds and has about 1,000 people at its peak capacity, according to the Globe.Hospital officials are also struggling to maintain […]