When you can’t eat or drink in the hospital, you can go for a walk

Health officials in New York City are giving out free snacks to help patients cope with the flu pandemic.The city’s Department of Public Health says they are distributing “healthy snacks” that will be distributed throughout hospitals, hospitals and outpatient clinics.The snacks will be made by Huggies, which recently announced that they would be bringing healthy […]

How to save money at Riverside Hospital

Riverside Hospital has been given a clean bill of health following a series of high-profile incidents in recent months, including the murder of a staff member.The Irish Times has been told that the facility has been “reopened to all staff” after it was closed following the death of a senior hospital worker last month.Riverside Hospital […]

New York’s first Ebola case in hospital

New York City’s first case of the Ebola virus has been confirmed in a New York hospital, officials said.The New York County Health Department confirmed the case on Thursday and said the patient was “under medical observation.”The patient was initially identified by his hospital’s internal investigation, the department said.Officials said the hospital is in the […]