Why the world is still waiting for an Ebola hospital

The world is just waiting for a Ebola hospital to be built.The United Nations announced that the world’s first Ebola hospital in northern Ghana is about to be opened in a town in northern Nigeria.The news comes as the world waits for a second Ebola hospital, the one in the northern Nigerian city of Manaus, […]

Hospital says it’s ‘a total disaster’ after a patient’s heart stopped working

DALLAS — Hospitals across the country are reporting that they’re overwhelmed with patients who’ve had their heart stopped.DALLAS HOSPITAL NEWS CENTRE/HUB ST.BERNARD: The emergency room at the Dallas hospital is closed.The emergency department at St. Barnabas Hospital is closed as well.The cardiac unit at the DALLES HOSPITALS HOSPICE is closed for the day.The Dallas emergency […]

When is the next game update?

The next patch will bring the first official release of Battlefield Hardline to Xbox One and PC, but it will only be available to PC players at this time.The update is scheduled to arrive on September 16th.According to EA, it is the first patch for the game, which will also include a new character called […]