Hospitals’ bed rental revenue tops $500 million, new study says

A major new study by a Florida medical research company finds hospitals are still leasing their beds for about $500M a year, far below the $1 billion average of the past few decades.In 2017, there were 1,091,000 beds in the United States, which accounted for about 4.8% of all hospital beds, according to a 2017 […]

Hospital says it’s ‘a total disaster’ after a patient’s heart stopped working

DALLAS — Hospitals across the country are reporting that they’re overwhelmed with patients who’ve had their heart stopped.DALLAS HOSPITAL NEWS CENTRE/HUB ST.BERNARD: The emergency room at the Dallas hospital is closed.The emergency department at St. Barnabas Hospital is closed as well.The cardiac unit at the DALLES HOSPITALS HOSPICE is closed for the day.The Dallas emergency […]

How Donald Trump was able to spend more than $150 million on his own inauguration party

The president-elect spent $150,000 to host his own inaugural ball last month at the St. John’s Hospital in Philadelphia.That was part of a larger $140 million budget for Trump’s inauguration party.In an interview with ABC News, Trump said the party was a success because it brought people together, and that it was an honor to […]

Why are people dying in the emergency room at Memorial Regional Hospital?

The medical community and advocacy groups have been urging the state to speed up construction of Memorial Regional and the other hospitals in the state’s critical-care system.It has long been known that hospitals have long had problems with long waits and staffing shortages and have struggled to keep up with medical demand.A review of federal […]