When a hospital in Dallas’s Glens Falls hospital gets hit by the flu, they need to keep the lights on

DALLAS (Reuters) – When a Dallas hospital gets a hit from the flu this summer, they have to keep lights on and keep the doctors and nurses at work to make sure everyone stays safe.The hospital in Glens Fall, a small community about 50 miles north of Dallas, received a scare from the H1N1 virus […]

Valleys Hospital to offer online services for people with autism

Valleys hospital is looking to help people with a range of conditions with its online services.Auckland’s St Mary’s Hospital and Auckland’s Christchurch University Hospital are among the hospitals using its technology to offer care to people with disabilities, including autism.The system, called a Connected-Care Hub, lets people with the disability connect with doctors, nurses, psychologists, […]

When Jesus was a kid: A timeline of Jesus’s childhood in the bible

When Jesus first started visiting Mary, his mother Mary Magdalene, she would often say to him, “Where is your father?”(Mark 6:10) The Bible gives no explanation of why this question was asked.But the idea of a young Jesus not being related to his parents is a well-known and common Biblical story.The Hebrew word used to […]