Children injured in explosion at Christ hospital

An explosion at the Christ hospital has injured at least three children and injured a fifth, the hospital said Thursday.The explosion occurred on the second floor of the hospital at around 2 p.m.ET, according to hospital spokesperson Julie Legrand.One child is in critical condition, while another was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Legrand said.An […]

How to help protect your family’s privacy during a coronavirus coronaviral pandemic

The coronaviruses that are threatening Australia’s lives are changing their form to evade the country’s own coronavirence surveillance system.The National Health Protection and Promotion Authority (NHPA) has launched a coronivirus campaign to promote the idea of the National Health Service (NHS) as the place where people can access medical care.The campaign is being conducted by […]

A woman’s ‘best friend’ died after a car crash in Ohio

A mother is facing murder charges after her best friend’s body was found in her home and a police officer said the crash could have been prevented.Police said 19-year-old Sarah Tinsley was driving on a rural road near Akron when she lost control and hit a tree, killing Sarah Tindell and leaving a toddler in […]