Why are hospitals struggling?

In the U.S., hospitals have been battling an uptick in infections, especially among patients with the coronavirus and in recent years in the Caribbean, where there have been fewer cases.In New York City, the coronivirus has seen the most cases, while in Boston, there have also been more cases.The United Kingdom has also seen a […]

Medical students struggle to get a proper diagnosis after fatal accident

A medical student at the University of Maryland has died after being struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Route 30 and Wabash Avenue in Washington, D.C.According to the medical examiner’s office, the student was driving on Route 30 when he lost control of his vehicle and struck a parked car.The medical student was […]

Which hospital in the UAE should you visit?

The UAE’s Ministry of Health has released its new guidelines for the healthcare of those who travel to other countries, following a national consensus.The guidelines, published online on Monday, were in response to the coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region.The UAE is one of the world’s top destinations for health care, […]

How to use Google’s ‘Help Search’ to find and save a hospital

When it comes to finding and saving a hospital, Google’s help search is a godsend.But, it can be confusing.In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to search and find a hospital in California, including how to navigate its website.This article originally appeared on ABC News.

How to avoid having a CT scan in a hospital emergency

If you have a CT scanning emergency, you might want to think about the risks involved.Here are some tips to help avoid the risks:1.Do not wear any masks.The more layers of clothing you wear, the more likely you are to get CT scans.Even if you are wearing a mask, make sure you remove it before […]

How to avoid a mental health crisis in your NYC neighborhood

New Yorkers will likely never forget the trauma that took place at Liberty Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn that was engulfed in a deadly fire in March.Now, the hospital has opened a new mental health center on the site, and the city is working to make it a beacon for the country.But the city’s […]

How to create a Bitcoin wallet in seconds

An easy way to get started with Bitcoin wallet creation is with the creation of a Bitcoin blockchain.That means that the Bitcoin network is an immutable record of every transaction that ever took place in the Bitcoin economy.With a blockchain, all of that information is stored in a way that anyone can verify and access, […]

An emergency animal emergency hospital in California is opening its doors to rescue dogs and cats from the streets

A rescue animal hospital in Los Angeles is about to open its doors.Liberty Hospital announced Tuesday that it is planning to open an emergency animal rescue facility to treat pets in need.Liberty opened its doors on Wednesday, March 17, and it will offer free surgery for dogs and cat owners who are in need of […]