‘We are not surprised’: ‘I don’t want to be in this’

‘I think we are not going to see a lot of people die,’ said Lina Lina, who is in the middle of the birth of her second child.

‘I am here to help people.

We are not the same as we were, but it’s better than it was before.

I think we have to take the lead and fight for this.’

Lina is among thousands of nurses, doctors and social workers who have been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic.

Many have lost their jobs, their homes and their health.

‘We have not been able to get our lives back, but I am grateful to be here and support our colleagues, who are struggling with this, and also to be alive,’ said Francesco Lina.

‘The nurses here have not lost a single day, and now they are starting to recover and they will not be here forever.’

‘It’s been a tough time’ For Lina and her husband, the situation is no better.

‘They have not had any support, and they are suffering,’ she said.

‘Our lives are not good, and we cannot afford to stay here any longer.’

Francesco, who has worked as a social worker and a social nurse in Rome, has been in his mid-20s and a part-time nurse in Italy.

‘It is a tough situation,’ he said.

Francesco said he was shocked by the news of his wife’s death, which he has not been told about.

‘For the past few weeks, we have been worried about our future,’ he told the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

‘But we have no idea what will happen next.

‘People who have lost loved ones, who were working, have lost a lot.

‘In Rome, there is nothing left to do, there are no jobs, there’s no hope.’

We have to be ready for everything.’

‘We’re in shock’ Francesco and Lina said they are not taking the news in stride, but they have been struggling to keep their heads above water.

‘As far as we are concerned, it’s the worst possible situation we have faced,’ said the mother-of-two.

‘My heart is not aching, I have no fear of anything, I am not going crazy.

‘When I think about it, this is a tragedy that could have happened to anyone in Italy or in any country.

‘Everything we have done has been planned.

Our lives are being ruined.’

The news of Lina’s death has prompted some in the nursing profession to voice their anger at the government.

‘Everyone is feeling very bad about it,’ said Massimo Giacomini, who runs the Lina Mediterraneo hospital near Rome.

‘At the moment, we don’t have a way out.

The health minister said that the government is taking care of us, but now we’re just waiting for the state to help us.’

Giacominini, however, did not believe that the nurses who have suffered so far will be able to work with the government to fix the crisis.

‘If they come up with a plan, it is not going out the window,’ he added.

‘There is no guarantee that the minister will make it happen.’

A ‘shocking moment’ for the entire country As the news spread, many Italian politicians expressed their shock and frustration.

‘A shocking moment for the whole country,’ said Silvio Berlusconi, the prime minister of the northern Italian province of Lombardy.

‘How can a health minister like me not have seen this coming?

We are a nation of health workers, but we are a family of nurses.

We cannot afford a country without nurses.’

‘I can’t say we are shocked, but everyone is feeling extremely bad about the situation,’ said Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-Coronavirus movement, which was behind the 2013 ‘anti-coronavir’ protests in Italy that were marred by violence.

‘Even the minister said he is taking this seriously.

We will continue our fight, we are still alive, and the government must respect our right to protest.

‘What will happen when they don’t respect our demands?

I don’t think this crisis will end in Italy anytime soon.’

‘They want to hide behind a mask’ Despite the shock of the news, Lina told the BBC that she is determined to fight for her own right to nurse.

‘This is the first time that I have lost my life.

I want to see the minister understand that nurses do not have a choice,’ she told the news agency.

‘Their jobs are being lost, their families are being separated, their health is being compromised.

‘That is what we have fought for all our lives, to give back to our communities, to provide them with a decent future.’

But the country’s health minister,