What do you need to know about the ventilator rule?

What do I need to do when I need a ventilators to stop me breathing?

In some states, like Virginia, it’s illegal to have a venturilator in a nursing home, even though the rules are pretty strict.

In some cases, the state of New York has made it illegal to even give a vent, which makes it hard for anyone to obtain a vent and help them get to a vent unit.

It’s also unclear whether the rule in Virginia is really that strict.

So how do you know if a vent is needed?

If you have a life-threatening condition like lung cancer or a stroke, the only way to know if you need a respirator is to go to the nearest hospital.

You can also go to a medical emergency room, which is usually a different location than a hospital.

In most states, medical emergencies can only be called for by people in an area of immediate danger.

A ventilating device can be attached to your body at any time, so it’s not always clear what happens if you can’t go to hospital.

A doctor’s order or emergency medical help is usually called for, but that’s usually the last place you should look.

So if you’re worried about needing a vent for lung cancer, don’t worry.

This article is part of a series exploring the dangers of breathing without a respirators.

This story originally ran on June 25, 2019.

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