What’s going on at the Montefiores?

Lenox Hill Hospital is struggling to keep up with demand for its emergency room and is understaffed, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Boston Globe.

The hospital has a backlog of over 1,300 beds and has about 1,000 people at its peak capacity, according to the Globe.

Hospital officials are also struggling to maintain its staffing levels and the city of Lowell is seeking more money to address staffing shortages.

The Globe spoke with Lenox Hills officials on Tuesday.

The city is asking the state to provide $1.9 million to the hospital in addition to its request for funding.

The department has asked for an additional $500,000 from the state in an emergency response fund, according the Globe, which cited sources.

The state is seeking the funds for the Lowell Hospital Emergency Response Fund, which was created in 2015 by the federal government under the Disaster Relief Act.

The fund was intended to be used to help hospitals in hard hit areas.

It is not funded yet, and will not be until the state has approved the funding.

Lowell is looking to borrow $1 billion to help fund its emergency response.

The Lowell Hospital Medical Center in Lowell, Mass.

Photo by Daniel J. Leal-Olivas/UPI | License Photo