Which hospital is your favorite in the Denver metro area?

The Denver metro region has a long list of hospitals that are among the best in the nation, but the city’s oldest one, Englewood Hospital, could be a bit of a challenge to navigate if you’re a family or senior who’s in the area.

While the hospital has been around since 1893, it closed in 2005 due to financial troubles.

Now, the hospital is trying to find a new owner, and its in a new building with new tenants.

The hospital’s also trying to improve its financial situation.

In the past, Englwood was ranked No. 2 in the U.S. by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a group that monitors hospitals.

The number of people needing care in the city was higher in the past but has fallen in recent years, and the hospital now has a population of fewer than 100,000.

But the hospital needs a lot more money to keep its doors open.

The city has spent $1.5 million to get its doors closed, but that’s just a fraction of the cost of running a hospital, according to the Colorado Hospital Association.

That number includes staff salaries and insurance premiums.

It also includes all the things that would have to be done to close a hospital: getting all the equipment to the site, paying off the building, and getting emergency rooms and emergency rooms to operate.

If the hospital doesn’t get its financials together in time, it could go out of business and could lose its license to operate, the association said.

Englewoods financial troubles have been getting more attention as the city has struggled to get funding for its aging hospital, which is also struggling with a backlog of medical records.

The current budget for the hospital, known as its emergency services account, is $6.4 million.

Englwoods operating budget is $9.5.

If there’s not enough money coming in, it might close, said Tom Bock, who oversees the city of Denver’s emergency medical services department.

That’s a lot of money for a hospital that needs to get it together to keep operating.

The building is under a lot, Bock said.

We have a lot in the emergency room, and it’s a big hospital.

That might mean we have to do a little bit more to close it down, Bocks added.