Which of the world’s leading physicists will be the first to die at the age of 80?

In this article from The Independent, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and physicist Stephen Hawking’s widow Dame Margaret are among the leading names to die aged 80, as their health deteriorates.

They have been fighting for years to be included on a list of the best living physicists.

“My wife has been a long-standing campaigner for a 100-year longevity list and is determined to see it put together,” Hawking said in a statement.

“She has been on the front line of efforts to get it made and it is an honour to have been one of the first in the family to have a place in it.”

The list will be unveiled on Wednesday.

Dame Margaret is also an active supporter of the list, and a friend of the family for more than 40 years.

In an interview last year with the Sunday Times, she said: “She is one of a kind, she is the only person who has ever had an advanced disease and she has not only survived, she has thrived.”

Dame Margaret, who has been in private practice for the past 15 years, said she was proud of Hawking’s achievements and that his “passion for life” was an inspiration.

“He has been so brave and determined, he is one for all the world to follow,” she said.

“Stephen is such a brilliant man, and to have him as a peer, in the group of people, is really inspiring.”

A new list of world’s best living scientists has been announced.

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