Why a hospital in Jamaica has been named after a convicted paedophile

FourFour2 FourFour two days ago, the head of the Jamaican Hospital Association said that it was a “big honour” to have received a letter from the Royal Caribbean Trust for Jamaica.

In it, the trust said that a Jamaican hospital in the town of Coney Island was named after the convicted paedophile, and thanked the Jamaicans for its “kindness, compassion and understanding”.

It said the letter had been received from the headmaster of Cumbria College in the US, where the trust’s chairman is a former senior director.

“We have received the letter from your trust, thanking you for the recognition of Cairns hospital, which was named for the convicted child sexual offender Jeffrey Daulan, and thank you for your kind and generous support of our children and families,” the letter said.

“It is very humbling and deeply humbling to know that you will recognise Cairn’s hospital for the important role that it plays in the lives of our young people.”

Jamaica, the Caribbean nation which borders Trinidad and Tobago, has been rocked by a wave of sexual abuse and murders linked to the paedophile ring.

In December, the Jamais were granted a new governor, and the government has promised to investigate the paedophiles involved in the crimes and hold those responsible to account.

It is thought that the paediatrician was responsible for a string of killings and assaults in the 1980s and 1990s in Jamaica.

He was eventually convicted of the murders of several young women.

The Jamaican government is also considering an amnesty bill to pardon convicted paedos.